You have been putting in the work, going to the gym, eating “Not too bad” whatever that means, right?! 


Its been a month and you’re not really seeing the progress you thought you would see... 


SISTER let me help you out listen up, it could be one of these 5 things keeping you from your fat-loss. 


1 CHEAT MEALS/CHEAT DAYS-when you are on a diet where calories are not controlled and you’re just trying to eat clean and then have a cheat meal, for one you never know if you’re still in a calorie deficit or if you are pushing your weekly total calories over and putting you at maintenance, for 2 this can cause a bad food relationship with “good” food “bad” foods, you restrict all week and when it comes to your cheat day or cheat meal you can’t control yourself and you start binge eating or way over consuming on your cheat meal/day. It’s better to have fun foods that you enjoy built within your program rather than a cheat because why the hell do we need to cheat on a nutrition plan that’s built for foods we enjoy.


2 UNDER-ESTIMATING FOOD CONSUMPTION-your guessing on how much your eating and not weighing or measuring your food. This could be a huge issue especially if you consume high-calorie foods like peanut butter, avocado, things like this are easily underestimated. If you have never weighed or measured your food I suggest doing it for at least 30 days to get a better idea of portion sizes. 


3 NOT TRACKING DRINKS- this is a big one, Gatorade, cokes, teas, juices, coffee creamer, sugar all of these things we consume in liquid form sometimes we forget about those calories as well as most of them have 2 servings in a bottle, so that’s double the calories that are on the label. Drink water and account for the calories you consume in drinks it makes a huge difference. 


4 MINDLESS SNACKING- this is a big one for moms, we make our kids food and we keep cooking or cleaning and we grab a fry, then a nugget, then another fry, and another nugget, maybe a cookie.. Then it turns into another 100-200 calories we consumed by snacking off our kids plates. 


5 STARTING YOUR DIET TOO EXTREME- we get excited to start a diet and change but what happens is we start to restrictive and take all the processed foods out and all the drinks and all the carbs and we just can’t sustain that its too much and we fail and then we quit because dieting is just too hard, when in reality we can just add some more water and veggies in eat protein every meal reduce our consumption of the regular foods we are already eating.


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