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I quit

diet lifestyle macros Aug 04, 2022

Let's chat about quitting you know the "UGH this just isn't working I'll try XYZ again" Girl you know what I am talking about, I did this so many times, I would try the healthy habits and it wouldn't work fast enough and I would always resort back to a low carb diet and it would work but then I couldn't stick to it long term and I would gain the weight back every time even more sometimes! Always find myself back at square 1.


You know, if healthy habits, tracking your food to understand what your body needs may take 6 months to a year to reach your goal with consistency, but if you continue on the path you are on you will never get there. There is no other thing that we think quitting and starting something new will get us to the end goal faster but fat loss. This is a form of all or nothing, when everything isn't "working" perfectly" we stop and do nothing. This exact thing is why I preach #Messyaction to my clients, every situation is a learning experience it's not a...

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How to deal with the Busy mom life

Life as a busy mom can be highly overwhelming sometimes, and it's OK TO FEEL THAT WAY.

It's okay to feel like you are running in circles, it's okay to not get it all done.


Something lately I have been focusing on is doing what makes me feel good, not everything is hit perfect every day right now for me, and that's ok, I don't shame myself anymore, I don't feel bad. It is what it is.


I take my #6ToFixHH and do what I can each day and try not to miss the same habit 2x in a row. 


This is life right we are never going to be less stressed, less busy, less crazy THIS IS LIFE we have to accept that and do what we can instead of doing nothing and waiting for a perfect time. 


Find the love for yourself to do something each day that makes you feel your best momma.


I hope this is helpful, my life has been so busy with softball every day and my business and babysitting my grandson that I literally feel like I am drowning and I just wanted to let you...

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10 Easy Macro Tracking Tips

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2022


  1. Plan out your food in advance - try my 2/2/2 meal prep guide 2 proteins, 2 carbs, 2 veggies mix, and match for the week.
  2. Prep your meals - or at least your protein so it's cooked and ready I am not a cook all Sunday kind of gal so I just like to have my meats ready. 
  3. Choose a few staple foods you like to have on hand that are easy and grabbable 
  4. Look at the menu ahead of time - choose your meal ahead of time and track it early if you are eating out.
  5. Remember #messyaction is key to success, not perfection, if you go off plan one day just don't let it turn into 2 days 
  6.  Limit very high-calorie foods focus on an 80% whole food to 20% fun food ratio
  7. Use stevia instead of table sugar this will cut a ton of calories also diet or zero drinks instead of regular sodas
  8. BLT's matter bites, licks, and tastes, those add up so make sure you track everything
  9. Hitting macro targets doesn't = healthy you...
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For the struggling momma

mom mom life momma Feb 17, 2022

I struggle too…

I have days that I feel not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not making enough money.

LS FITNESS AND BEAUTY, LLC was born 4/26/2017, I have been full time coaching for 3 years, prior to that I was an area parts office manager for 13 locations for an oil field company for 15 years, during this time I started coaching about 2015 while I was still working at the oil field office.

I made so much money at that company, I was high up, why the hell did I leave?

My passion is to serve others within the health and fitness industry, Gods vision for me wasn’t making bank in the oil field.

I am putting in hours, posting, messaging women who have questions, not really getting that many paid clients at the time, stress from bills, oh hey and the whole having 7 kids thing L O L…

Sometimes I take an hour or 2 to write a post and crickets... Or I do a live-in my amazing momstrong356 FB group and out of 600 maybe 40 watch it, day...

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best diet for 2022

Stop making your life so hard, fat loss is really not that hard!

I get so tired of people talking about all these diets and then months later you see them gain their weight back because THEY CAN'T LIVE LIFE eating that way!
Why do we do this to ourselves year after year? I say we because I did the same thing year after year until I educated myself on how actually fat loss occurs. Now I teach it in my #Macrosmanaged group coaching program opening Jan 31st Knowledge is power.

Aren't you tired of trying everything and nothing working? or nothing sticking long term?
This is exactly why I built Macros Managed to help women manage their own nutrition and understand their body so they can actually get results, understand why, and keep those results long term instead of doing the crazy diets that SUCK and have short term success with quick return!

If you are tired of the bull crap diets and year after year just trying all the things Then join me get on the waitlist...

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Starting 2022 with Purpose

Ending your year with purpose is so important if you haven't read that blog do that here because that blog was an important read also. But starting the new year with purpose I feel is so important. 


First I CHALLENGE YOU, to go look in the mirror right now…

I’ll wait.. Are You there?

What do you see, be kind first off

What do you want to see?

Let’s get clinical - what you see now is a direct reflection of your choices, thoughts and habits in the past.

BUT Good thing is we can change it right now!

Do you believe that? Or do you believe you are just this way, you can’t change. 

Because what you believe is true...

Do you want to change, I mean you want the outcome of the change but do you want to put in the work to change? My coaching def helps make it easier to stick to but it’s still not easy and it takes you believing you can change.

Maybe you find yourself wanting to change but after a couple weeks you feel “this is too...

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Ending your year on purpose

New starts, new habits, new beginnings are great, don’t get me wrong they are actually great motivation to get something going.

But what if you end the year on purpose, what if you didn’t wait until Jan 1 to make choices to become your best self? It's funny because this post wasn't even planned, God showed me this ending the year on purpose through my bible plan this morning.

I can remember year after year I would start a new diet at the beginning of the year no more of this, no more of that… it would last a while then I would lose motivation and quit back to the old easy me making decisions that I didn't necessarily love about me.

It's crazy how your brain can do that you have one part that wants you to make better decisions and then a part that wants to keep you safe so it takes you down that old path that you always do. Good thing is, you can retrain the part that says this is your normal but how?

# 1 would be START TODAY not on monday not on Jan 1st but today....

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Holiday nutrition

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Fat loss secrets

fat loss toned weight loss Nov 04, 2021

We make it so hard right, looking for the next program, app, diet, what’s popular, what suzie down the street is doing…

When the same ole basics are the science behind fat loss and muscle gain. Its just not sexy to do the basics like hey Lindsay what did you do to lose 30 lbs “oh I walked, lifted, ate in a calorie deficit, slept, drank water…”

Instead you say I killed myself in OT and did keto… then months later you gained your weight back and trying some other sexy little diet again.

You lose weight because you ate less than before no matter what diet you do keto, loom, low carb, low fat, paleo… YOU LOSE WEIGHT BECAUSE YOU ARE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT those are the laws of thermodynamics [science] not because carbs are bad or fats are bad BECAUSE YOU ATE LESS. But you can’t sustain that sexy diet so you resort back to eating the old ways which was more food… IE you can weight back eating in a calorie surplus

The basics work-...

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