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Lindsay's Fave Black Friday Deals


Girl, this year has been crazy! Who is ready for some retail therapy?

I wanted to share some of my fave brands black Friday deals with you!

The Lotion Company-

I love the lotion company my fave is the baby powder lotion, omg girl it smells soooo good!!


Bath and Body works-

I love the body sprays, hand soaps, and my fave are the 3 wick candles, they literally smell up your entire house!!


Estee Lauder- 

I wear the Double wear max coverage foundation it is my holy grail foundation for EL and they have a really nice beauty essential bundle for Black Friday!


The Simplified planner 

50% off the Emily Ley Simplified daily planner!! I love this planner just a daily todo with time blocking it's perfect and simple


Lange Haircare-

I love all Lange products so many faves!!


Thrive Cosmetics-

You know my fave is their mascare OMG I will never wear another mascara ever again!


My Fave Gym clothes omg you knew I had to put this in here!!


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You have been putting in the work, going to the gym, eating “Not too bad” whatever that means, right?! 


Its been a month and you’re not really seeing the progress you thought you would see... 


SISTER let me help you out listen up, it could be one of these 5 things keeping you from your fat-loss. 


1 CHEAT MEALS/CHEAT DAYS-when you are on a diet where calories are not controlled and you’re just trying to eat clean and then have a cheat meal, for one you never know if you’re still in a calorie deficit or if you are pushing your weekly total calories over and putting you at maintenance, for 2 this can cause a bad food relationship with “good” food “bad” foods, you restrict all week and when it comes to your cheat day or cheat meal you can’t control yourself and you start binge eating or way over consuming on your cheat meal/day. It’s better to have fun foods that you enjoy built within...

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How to reach 10k steps a day for busy Moms


Struggling getting in your steps? Let’s fix that!

You're busy, sitting at your desk or home doing laundry and homeschooling and you just can’t figure out how to get your steps in for the day! You want to, you tell yourself you’re going to, and another day goes by and you barely get 4k steps again!

Girl I feel ya, I def was there also it was really hard for me to get my steps in, I sit most of the day programming for clients, writing content for my frands here on social, backend biz stuff. It was really hard for me to figure out how to get up and get my steps in!

So I have an apple watch and put it to a test to really see how long it takes me to walk a mile and then how many steps I was getting, and then I did some mild research on the google machine and figured out a 20 min mile with 2300 steps was about average.

So 2300 steps / 10k is 4.35 miles which takes about 90 mins soooo I put some examples together to help you reach your goals by taking some...

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Turn Food Guilt into Food Freedom

I had guilt over literally every food choice I made…

I ate FUN foods until my stomach hurt like they were scarce in the world like I could never eat them again!

Then the worst part I thought I could out cardio my food choices [eye roll] crazy right?

Really its not crazy so so many of us do the same things maybe in different ways, We think oh we ate a cookie, or Halloween candy so if I go run or jump on the elliptical [the fave cardio machine of most women] for 30 min or more it justifies our food choices.

But year after year my body looked the same or worse :/ from trying to out cardio my nutrition… How about you? Have you put in the work in the gym month after month year after year and still nothing changes?

Girl, I feel you I was there and I talk to women every day that have been in the same position!

So how do we change this? Well, I have a solution for you! I built my coaching program to give you the freedom of eating fun foods without guilt, teaching you...

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Benefits of Strength/weight training

Lose body fat- builds muscle, the more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn by your BMR increasing which means more calories burned at rest!! Girl, you know you want that!

Strength without getting bulky- women do not have enough testosterone to get big and bulky like men. Instead, women develop definition and strength without massive size.

Decrease risk of Osteoporosis- not only are you getting stronger when lifting but your bones are getting stronger as well. Weight training increases bone density which reduces the risk of fractures and broken bones.

Reduce the risk of injury- weight training also increases strength in connective tissues and joints which will reduce injury from daily tasks.

Improves posture and reduces back pain- strengthening your back, shoulders, and core will improve your posture and help prevent lower back pain.

Enhances mood and relieves stress- weight training releases endorphins that are neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and fight...

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#EvolveU 5 day Mindset challenge for MOMS

I talk to women every day who tell me they want to change but, there are so many things to focus on they have no idea where to start, or what to do first.


I felt Obligated to create m FREE 5 day #EvolveU challenge 


This is the ultimate solution to know where to start in your health journey and to focus on 1 thing for 5 days that will push you closer to the woman you want to Evolve into. 


What most women miss is they think a fad diet like taking all their carbs out is where you need to start and that just isn’t true!


Other challenges/courses want you to eat a meal plan that’s not even made specifically for you, and to do tons of cardio without teaching you anything about your nutrition, mindset, and habits!


But we know it doesn’t work that way, It’s so much deeper than no carbs and tons of cardio to make a lasting change in your health journey!


I am super excited to announce My FREE 5 day  #EvolveU...

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Yo-yo Dieting vs. Periodization in your Nutrition

Yo-yo dieting vs Periodization

Yo-yo dieting is where you go on a fad diet like "keto, paleo, low carb, fasting, whole 30..." and you do great you lose weight, then you plateau and think well this isn't working for me and you go back to how you ate before, what happens then is you gain the weight back and get back up to or more weight than before you did the fad diet! Then back into that fad diet because well it worked for you then...

When will you stop tearing down your metabolism and get real control of your nutrition?

Nutritional Periodization is looking ahead and setting a long term plan for your nutrition; First, we will find out where you are now, then restructure your macronutrients and make sure you are eating enough protein and calories in total, next we will decide from your goals on how long we will be in a deficit, we will set periodized diet breaks which Is taking you up to your now predicted maintenance and kind of reset your metabolism and give you a break from...

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I know you’re a busy Momma, you forget to eat, you think oh well maybe this will help me lose weight…


Um NO SIS what it is doing are these 5 things to your body.


1 DOWN-REGULATING YOUR METABOLISM- When you constantly under eat or forget to eat, your metabolism will slow down or downregulate and make your very little food your maintenance calorie, ie why you’re barely eating and not losing weight. 


2 DECREASE IN ENERGY-I don’t know about you but I am a busy mom and I do not have time to be tired, sluggish, and fatigued all day long! Less food = Less energy, food is more than fuel but think of it this way, what happens to your car when you don’t fill up the gas tank… it stops going, or when your kid’s toys the batteries are running low and you don’t charge it, it slows down and stops working. Well, same with your body you don’t feed it multiple times a day it slows down and can not run to its potential.

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Why the Priming Phase is Necessary in your Nutrition Plan

What the diet before the diet means, it is priming your metabolism and getting you ready to be in a deficit.

So I have a ton of ladies coming to me that are severely under-eating, and we can't take them into a deficit immediately. So when they come to me, you know, they want to lose weight, and that's their first initial thing. And when I say, "Hey, we need to eat more food", it's probably a little bit hard for them to buy-in, and trust me through the process. But once they've gone through the process, they're like, "Oh, my gosh, thank you so much for taking me through this and helping me eat more and really blessed my body with food".

So what that looks like is is we take their initial tracking, we compare it to what their predicted maintenance calories would be. So most of the time, I will take them to their maintenance calories and refigure their macronutrients, because 95% of the women clients that are coming to me are severely under-eating on protein. So we're going to see...

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