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Busy mom healthy habit guide


How to make it easy to stick to your healthy habits as a busy mom!

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Blood sugar Regulation

Ever feel brain fog, frustration, exhaustion throughout the day?

Depending on the foods your eating and the timing of those meals could be impacting your blood sugar!

Let's get sciency for a min! When we eat food it digests at a rate of speed and the glucose from the food is available for energy, depending on what foods you eat will depend on how high your blood sugar levels spike along with your insulin. 


Why does this matter, well sis it matters because if we are constantly spiking blood sugar high causing insulin to come to the rescue and open the cell doors for that glucose to get in. We can eventually become insulin resistant- our body doesn't notice the insulin (key) trying to open the cell doors it just keeps pumping and the blood sugars stay high in the bloodstream, so we aren't utilizing the foods we eat optimally for fuel! This overtime can cause type 2 diabetes and obesity if it's not controlled. 


How do we know what foods are fast...

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How to reach 10k steps a day for busy Moms


Struggling getting in your steps? Let’s fix that!

You're busy, sitting at your desk or home doing laundry and homeschooling and you just can’t figure out how to get your steps in for the day! You want to, you tell yourself you’re going to, and another day goes by and you barely get 4k steps again!

Girl I feel ya, I def was there also it was really hard for me to get my steps in, I sit most of the day programming for clients, writing content for my frands here on social, backend biz stuff. It was really hard for me to figure out how to get up and get my steps in!

So I have an apple watch and put it to a test to really see how long it takes me to walk a mile and then how many steps I was getting, and then I did some mild research on the google machine and figured out a 20 min mile with 2300 steps was about average.

So 2300 steps / 10k is 4.35 miles which takes about 90 mins soooo I put some examples together to help you reach your goals by taking some...

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I know you’re a busy Momma, you forget to eat, you think oh well maybe this will help me lose weight…


Um NO SIS what it is doing are these 5 things to your body.


1 DOWN-REGULATING YOUR METABOLISM- When you constantly under eat or forget to eat, your metabolism will slow down or downregulate and make your very little food your maintenance calorie, ie why you’re barely eating and not losing weight. 


2 DECREASE IN ENERGY-I don’t know about you but I am a busy mom and I do not have time to be tired, sluggish, and fatigued all day long! Less food = Less energy, food is more than fuel but think of it this way, what happens to your car when you don’t fill up the gas tank… it stops going, or when your kid’s toys the batteries are running low and you don’t charge it, it slows down and stops working. Well, same with your body you don’t feed it multiple times a day it slows down and can not run to its potential.

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