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Lose weight fast

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Cardio and crunches for fat loss

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4 things you can do today to get healthier

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best diet for 2022

Stop making your life so hard, fat loss is really not that hard!

I get so tired of people talking about all these diets and then months later you see them gain their weight back because THEY CAN'T LIVE LIFE eating that way!
Why do we do this to ourselves year after year? I say we because I did the same thing year after year until I educated myself on how actually fat loss occurs. Now I teach it in my #Macrosmanaged group coaching program opening Jan 31st Knowledge is power.

Aren't you tired of trying everything and nothing working? or nothing sticking long term?
This is exactly why I built Macros Managed to help women manage their own nutrition and understand their body so they can actually get results, understand why, and keep those results long term instead of doing the crazy diets that SUCK and have short term success with quick return!

If you are tired of the bull crap diets and year after year just trying all the things Then join me get on the waitlist...

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Fat loss secrets

fat loss toned weight loss Nov 04, 2021

We make it so hard right, looking for the next program, app, diet, what’s popular, what suzie down the street is doing…

When the same ole basics are the science behind fat loss and muscle gain. Its just not sexy to do the basics like hey Lindsay what did you do to lose 30 lbs “oh I walked, lifted, ate in a calorie deficit, slept, drank water…”

Instead you say I killed myself in OT and did keto… then months later you gained your weight back and trying some other sexy little diet again.

You lose weight because you ate less than before no matter what diet you do keto, loom, low carb, low fat, paleo… YOU LOSE WEIGHT BECAUSE YOU ARE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT those are the laws of thermodynamics [science] not because carbs are bad or fats are bad BECAUSE YOU ATE LESS. But you can’t sustain that sexy diet so you resort back to eating the old ways which was more food… IE you can weight back eating in a calorie surplus

The basics work-...

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Macros gone wrong

Macros gone wrong?

I did macros wrong I was a “macro dieter” instead of a “macro learner” a MD is someone who uses macros just to diet, doesn’t look at the clinical data and is emotional, someone who doesn’t learn from tracking An ML is someone who learns from their foods, understands how to fuel their body for their goals.

I tracked my macros, had no idea what I was doing I tried to DIY it, used some numbers from MFP which was brutal first of all like 1200 calories when I should have been eating like 2200 calories. I just fit in what I wanted, I never learned balanced meals, paying attention to energy throughout the day, getting my veggies in. I just played macro Tetris and that was overwhelming and to be quite honest I hated it. It seemed like such a chore. So I quit and gained my weight back because I never learned how to reverse out, build balanced plates, BBP’s what I call them “blessed body plates” I never learned from...

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How to start tracking macros

Tracking Macros is a great tool to learn what foods are, become aware of how much you're actually eating, how to balance meals, reach weight loss goals, prime your metabolism.

It likely will be hard at 1st but with a growth mindset, you understand you can get better with knowledge and effort and this will help you reach goals you have never reached before and actually keep that weight off instead of losing and gaining that same 20lbs year after year.

I teach macro tracking to my clients. For everyone it may look different the most accurate you can be will yield the best results BUT you don't have to start there you can start slow learning and grow into tracking all 3 macros. Use my slides to guide you to success!


download MFP
just track your food your eating get comfy doing that
Assess where you are now
figure maintenance cals 10x BW x 1.2-1.6 activity factor
how far was your initial tracking from maintenance cals?
under go here → increase 50-100cals every 2-4 weeks

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