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I quit

diet lifestyle macros Aug 04, 2022

Let's chat about quitting you know the "UGH this just isn't working I'll try XYZ again" Girl you know what I am talking about, I did this so many times, I would try the healthy habits and it wouldn't work fast enough and I would always resort back to a low carb diet and it would work but then I couldn't stick to it long term and I would gain the weight back every time even more sometimes! Always find myself back at square 1.


You know, if healthy habits, tracking your food to understand what your body needs may take 6 months to a year to reach your goal with consistency, but if you continue on the path you are on you will never get there. There is no other thing that we think quitting and starting something new will get us to the end goal faster but fat loss. This is a form of all or nothing, when everything isn't "working" perfectly" we stop and do nothing. This exact thing is why I preach #Messyaction to my clients, every situation is a learning experience it's not a...

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apple watch calories

calories macros workouts Oct 07, 2021

I love my apple watch and it offers so much great data, BUT some data can also be used in the wrong way.

I use my watch to track my period, to make sure I am getting the same amount of steps each week on average it's important for overall health and consistent energy output, to make sure my exercise consistency over the month is 80% or more because without consistency we aren’t going to see results, my heart rate averages over time and during exercise not to see how high I can get it but to be aware.

But things like calories burned can be used the wrong way. I have heard women, eating only the amount of calories they are burning on their apple watch! SIS NO! The calories burned information is not accurate, it doesn’t take into effect the thermic effect of food (calories burned in the digestion of your food), your body composition, what workouts you are actually doing. Calories burned on your apple watch just are not accurate enough for you to base your food intake off...

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Macros gone wrong

Macros gone wrong?

I did macros wrong I was a “macro dieter” instead of a “macro learner” a MD is someone who uses macros just to diet, doesn’t look at the clinical data and is emotional, someone who doesn’t learn from tracking An ML is someone who learns from their foods, understands how to fuel their body for their goals.

I tracked my macros, had no idea what I was doing I tried to DIY it, used some numbers from MFP which was brutal first of all like 1200 calories when I should have been eating like 2200 calories. I just fit in what I wanted, I never learned balanced meals, paying attention to energy throughout the day, getting my veggies in. I just played macro Tetris and that was overwhelming and to be quite honest I hated it. It seemed like such a chore. So I quit and gained my weight back because I never learned how to reverse out, build balanced plates, BBP’s what I call them “blessed body plates” I never learned from...

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How to start tracking macros

Tracking Macros is a great tool to learn what foods are, become aware of how much you're actually eating, how to balance meals, reach weight loss goals, prime your metabolism.

It likely will be hard at 1st but with a growth mindset, you understand you can get better with knowledge and effort and this will help you reach goals you have never reached before and actually keep that weight off instead of losing and gaining that same 20lbs year after year.

I teach macro tracking to my clients. For everyone it may look different the most accurate you can be will yield the best results BUT you don't have to start there you can start slow learning and grow into tracking all 3 macros. Use my slides to guide you to success!


download MFP
just track your food your eating get comfy doing that
Assess where you are now
figure maintenance cals 10x BW x 1.2-1.6 activity factor
how far was your initial tracking from maintenance cals?
under go here → increase 50-100cals every 2-4 weeks

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5 ways to Eat More Food and have more energy

calories energy food macros Feb 18, 2021

5 Ways to Eat More Food


Get up earlier - by getting up earlier you can eat before the kids get up, you are not rushed and can actually tell if you’re hungry and what those hunger cues feel like. 


Move your body 1st thing in the morning- More movement, more energy output, will make you hungrier, hunger is like your gas light in your car when it comes on you need to refuel and same with hunger, you move more, you need more fuel just like your car!! So getting up earlier, going for a 20-40 min walk, eating breakfast, maybe even getting ready all before the kids wake up!!! 


Set an alarm at least every 4-5 hours - There are days where you may not feel hungry but you need to eat to fuel your body and mind. Setting an alarm will help with the “oh I forgot to eat” or “I haven’t been hungry all day” You may have been eating so little that your metabolism has down-regulated and you truly are not hungry this will help...

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What is the difference in Macro Tracking & A Meal Plan

Meal Plans vs Macros What’s the difference swipe through, take in all the knowledge

Linda wanted an easy meal plan done for her, read below

Me: Hi Linda I have your meal plan ready for you.

Linda: Ok great thank you

At our weekly check-in

Me: How is your meal plan going

Linda: Well I did great following the foods you picked for me for a while, but I got tired of eating the same foods, and I wanted a glass of wine, oh and my husband wanted to go to dinner, and there was that birthday party I went to...

Me: Ok Linda this is why I want you to learn how to track your food so you can have food freedom and not have to follow a strict plan and be able to live life freely and enjoy the foods you eat. Does that make sense?

Linda: Oh yes that sounds amazing, I should have listened to you the first time! So glad I have a coach walking through my health journey with me!

Me: Learning is part of the process, we have to take these obstacles and use them to learn and take new actions!

So as you...

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