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MyfitnessPal Do's and Don'ts

2 things to stop doing when using MFP!

First off I love that you want to track your food so let me give you some tips to help your success!

#1 stop tracking your exercise in MFP this will add back in calories for you to eat from the calories it shows you have burned!

#2 shhhh keep it a secret that you want to “diet” from MFP the calories it will set you at ate wayyyy too low and will cause you to have to eat even less when you plateau. Plus your hormones, energy, and hunger will be out of wack and we don’t want that! We want to lose on the most amount of calories we can! What I suggest as you track your current calories right now see where you are! I also have a post on tracking macros to help you figure your own macros!

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Let me know if this was helpful and...

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Science of Fat-loss

Science of Energy in vs energy out.

The energy in- is the calories you consume you know all the yummy food and drink!!

Energy out has 4 factors.

  • BMR- the amount of energy it takes for you to live at rest.
  • NEAT- non-exercise activity- fidgeting, using hands while talking, tapping toe, everyday walking not extra walking that’s cardio or EA.
  • EA- exercise activity.
  • TEF- thermic effect of Food calories burned while digesting foods.

To lose fat your energy out has to be than your Energy in.

If you're eating at maintenance Which means that your weight is steady not going up or down by large amounts 10+ lbs, not daily fluctuations that's normal.

Drop energy in =fat-loss occurs.

Or energy out =fat-loss occurs.

Most people tend to do both when trying to lose fat

This does not mean eat less than your says you burned your watch is not accurate to what your body is actually burning!!!! Like I said a lot goes into calories out re-read

So if energy in versus energy out is what matters...

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Blood sugar Regulation

Ever feel brain fog, frustration, exhaustion throughout the day?

Depending on the foods your eating and the timing of those meals could be impacting your blood sugar!

Let's get sciency for a min! When we eat food it digests at a rate of speed and the glucose from the food is available for energy, depending on what foods you eat will depend on how high your blood sugar levels spike along with your insulin. 


Why does this matter, well sis it matters because if we are constantly spiking blood sugar high causing insulin to come to the rescue and open the cell doors for that glucose to get in. We can eventually become insulin resistant- our body doesn't notice the insulin (key) trying to open the cell doors it just keeps pumping and the blood sugars stay high in the bloodstream, so we aren't utilizing the foods we eat optimally for fuel! This overtime can cause type 2 diabetes and obesity if it's not controlled. 


How do we know what foods are fast...

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What is the difference in Macro Tracking & A Meal Plan

Meal Plans vs Macros What’s the difference swipe through, take in all the knowledge

Linda wanted an easy meal plan done for her, read below

Me: Hi Linda I have your meal plan ready for you.

Linda: Ok great thank you

At our weekly check-in

Me: How is your meal plan going

Linda: Well I did great following the foods you picked for me for a while, but I got tired of eating the same foods, and I wanted a glass of wine, oh and my husband wanted to go to dinner, and there was that birthday party I went to...

Me: Ok Linda this is why I want you to learn how to track your food so you can have food freedom and not have to follow a strict plan and be able to live life freely and enjoy the foods you eat. Does that make sense?

Linda: Oh yes that sounds amazing, I should have listened to you the first time! So glad I have a coach walking through my health journey with me!

Me: Learning is part of the process, we have to take these obstacles and use them to learn and take new actions!

So as you...

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You have been putting in the work, going to the gym, eating “Not too bad” whatever that means, right?! 


Its been a month and you’re not really seeing the progress you thought you would see... 


SISTER let me help you out listen up, it could be one of these 5 things keeping you from your fat-loss. 


1 CHEAT MEALS/CHEAT DAYS-when you are on a diet where calories are not controlled and you’re just trying to eat clean and then have a cheat meal, for one you never know if you’re still in a calorie deficit or if you are pushing your weekly total calories over and putting you at maintenance, for 2 this can cause a bad food relationship with “good” food “bad” foods, you restrict all week and when it comes to your cheat day or cheat meal you can’t control yourself and you start binge eating or way over consuming on your cheat meal/day. It’s better to have fun foods that you enjoy built within...

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