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Lindsay Saenz from Oklahoma!

I am a Mom of 7 kids, yours mine and ours. Softball is our life we live at the ballpark. I have been through so much in my journey from the crazy train of dieting and cardio to living my best life and then becoming a coach. From yo-yo dieting to restricting and binging, to now eating foods I love without guilt or feeling like I have to work my food off with tons of cardio! I now teach this to my clients because I feel that food freedom and ending the dieting cycle is truly life-changing! Think of me as your personal health/life/friend coach. I’ll help you get your shit together, your body together, your mind, your faith, and your relationships...Sounds impossible, right?? With your busy schedule the kids, the husband, bday parties, sports ugh GIRL I know! I remember when my kids were all little at the same time! 6 kids under 7 wow it was tough, I used my lunch hour for my workouts! I used late nights for my tie to plan out my meals. It defiantly takes work but I help my clients find a way that is enjoyable and effective. Because you know really that's how we stick to it for good! You just need an action plan, accountability, and knowledge! And I a here for it sister, I became a health coach in 2017 over the years I have achieved my NFPA personal training cert, NCIL1 Nutrition Specialist, PN1 Nutrition specialist, HMCC Health Mindset Coaching Cert, I am always learning how to best serve my clients. Most of all I am a busy woman and I understand that some plans just are not made for us and we need something that actually works and we can stick to. My mission is to get every woman in this world that I can reach with my social media to stop looking for diets year after year and to be the expert of their own body!

Lindsay Saenz, CPT NFPA, NCIL1, PN1, HMCC


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