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 Hey Lindsay Saenz here!

I am a Mom of 7 kids, a big blended family. Softball is our life we live at the ballpark. I have been through so much in my own journey of dieting and exercise which eventually lead me to become a coach. From yo-yo dieting to restricting and binging, to now eating foods I love without guilt or feeling like I have to work my food off with tons of cardio! I have so much passion in teaching this to my clients because I feel that food freedom and ending the dieting cycle is truly life-changing! Think of me as your personal health/life/friend coach.  With your busy schedule the kids, the spouse, bday parties, sports ugh I get it! I remember when my kids were all little at the same time! 6 kids under 7 wow it was tough, I used my lunch hour for my workouts! After the kids went to bed I would  plan my meals then. It does take hard work, time, and effort, but I help my clients find a way that is enjoyable and effective for their lifestyle. You just need an action plan, accountability, and knowledge! I became a health coach in 2017, I have achieved my NFPA personal training cert, NCIL1 Nutrition Specialist, PN1 Nutrition specialist, HMCC Health Mindset Coaching Cert, I am always learning how to best serve my clients. Most of all I am busy just like you and I understand that some plans just are not made for all of us and we need something that actually works. That we can stick to long term because this is a lifestyle change not a short diet that you can’t stick to.  My mission is to get every person I come in contact with to stop looking for diets year after year to, lift weights and exercise to be strong, healthy and life a fulfilled life. 

Lindsay Saenz, CPT NFPA, NCIL1, PN1, HMCC


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