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calories macros workouts Oct 07, 2021

I love my apple watch and it offers so much great data, BUT some data can also be used in the wrong way.

I use my watch to track my period, to make sure I am getting the same amount of steps each week on average it's important for overall health and consistent energy output, to make sure my exercise consistency over the month is 80% or more because without consistency we aren’t going to see results, my heart rate averages over time and during exercise not to see how high I can get it but to be aware.

But things like calories burned can be used the wrong way. I have heard women, eating only the amount of calories they are burning on their apple watch! SIS NO! The calories burned information is not accurate, it doesn’t take into effect the thermic effect of food (calories burned in the digestion of your food), your body composition, what workouts you are actually doing. Calories burned on your apple watch just are not accurate enough for you to base your food intake off of or to just focus on the most calories burned for fat loss.

When you lift weights you will burn fewer calories than a cardio session, but the benefit of lifting heavy and building muscle highly outweighs the calories burned from cardio workouts. The more lean muscle mass you have on your body the more calories you will burn at rest and if you want a toned look you aren’t going to get that from just pushing up your calories burned on your watch via cardio.

If you are worried about calories burned for fat loss you may want to put your focus into calories consumed instead, learning about your food habits for long term and just lifting weights and getting an effective workout in that pushes you towards your goals. Instead of just aimlessly trying to burn a ton of calories.

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