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Full body workout for women at home or gym

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4 things you can do today to get healthier

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women 35+ trying to lose weight

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best diet for 2022

Stop making your life so hard, fat loss is really not that hard!

I get so tired of people talking about all these diets and then months later you see them gain their weight back because THEY CAN'T LIVE LIFE eating that way!
Why do we do this to ourselves year after year? I say we because I did the same thing year after year until I educated myself on how actually fat loss occurs. Now I teach it in my #Macrosmanaged group coaching program opening Jan 31st Knowledge is power.

Aren't you tired of trying everything and nothing working? or nothing sticking long term?
This is exactly why I built Macros Managed to help women manage their own nutrition and understand their body so they can actually get results, understand why, and keep those results long term instead of doing the crazy diets that SUCK and have short term success with quick return!

If you are tired of the bull crap diets and year after year just trying all the things Then join me get on the waitlist...

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Do You Believe you can change your healthy habits?


Get a pen and paper because we are about to do some Mindset homework! Take a moment write it down 1-10 1 Not so much 10 you for sure believe you can change!


You can change, it starts with your mindset around change!


Let's dive in


What are your GOALS be specific not just lose weight be healthy and what behaviors are you wanting to change -write this down


WHY do you want to reach these goals, what will it change or provide for you in your life, what would happen if you didn't reach these goals? -write it down


How can you make SMALL daily goals? (this will really help by making it easier to get small wins, therefore, keep you going) Instead of only eating clean foods, not sticking to that feeling like a failure, and saying I am not meant for this, why can’t I change. → I will eat 1 whole nutrient-dense meal a day. Small reachable wins!


Notice what actions you have been not doing. What are the TRIGGERS that get in the way? Notice your...

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