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apple watch calories

calories macros workouts Oct 07, 2021

I love my apple watch and it offers so much great data, BUT some data can also be used in the wrong way.

I use my watch to track my period, to make sure I am getting the same amount of steps each week on average it's important for overall health and consistent energy output, to make sure my exercise consistency over the month is 80% or more because without consistency we aren’t going to see results, my heart rate averages over time and during exercise not to see how high I can get it but to be aware.

But things like calories burned can be used the wrong way. I have heard women, eating only the amount of calories they are burning on their apple watch! SIS NO! The calories burned information is not accurate, it doesn’t take into effect the thermic effect of food (calories burned in the digestion of your food), your body composition, what workouts you are actually doing. Calories burned on your apple watch just are not accurate enough for you to base your food intake off...

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How to start tracking macros

Tracking Macros is a great tool to learn what foods are, become aware of how much you're actually eating, how to balance meals, reach weight loss goals, prime your metabolism.

It likely will be hard at 1st but with a growth mindset, you understand you can get better with knowledge and effort and this will help you reach goals you have never reached before and actually keep that weight off instead of losing and gaining that same 20lbs year after year.

I teach macro tracking to my clients. For everyone it may look different the most accurate you can be will yield the best results BUT you don't have to start there you can start slow learning and grow into tracking all 3 macros. Use my slides to guide you to success!


download MFP
just track your food your eating get comfy doing that
Assess where you are now
figure maintenance cals 10x BW x 1.2-1.6 activity factor
how far was your initial tracking from maintenance cals?
under go here → increase 50-100cals every 2-4 weeks

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5 ways to Eat More Food and have more energy

calories energy food macros Feb 18, 2021

5 Ways to Eat More Food


Get up earlier - by getting up earlier you can eat before the kids get up, you are not rushed and can actually tell if you’re hungry and what those hunger cues feel like. 


Move your body 1st thing in the morning- More movement, more energy output, will make you hungrier, hunger is like your gas light in your car when it comes on you need to refuel and same with hunger, you move more, you need more fuel just like your car!! So getting up earlier, going for a 20-40 min walk, eating breakfast, maybe even getting ready all before the kids wake up!!! 


Set an alarm at least every 4-5 hours - There are days where you may not feel hungry but you need to eat to fuel your body and mind. Setting an alarm will help with the “oh I forgot to eat” or “I haven’t been hungry all day” You may have been eating so little that your metabolism has down-regulated and you truly are not hungry this will help...

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Why the Priming Phase is Necessary in your Nutrition Plan

What the diet before the diet means, it is priming your metabolism and getting you ready to be in a deficit.

So I have a ton of ladies coming to me that are severely under-eating, and we can't take them into a deficit immediately. So when they come to me, you know, they want to lose weight, and that's their first initial thing. And when I say, "Hey, we need to eat more food", it's probably a little bit hard for them to buy-in, and trust me through the process. But once they've gone through the process, they're like, "Oh, my gosh, thank you so much for taking me through this and helping me eat more and really blessed my body with food".

So what that looks like is is we take their initial tracking, we compare it to what their predicted maintenance calories would be. So most of the time, I will take them to their maintenance calories and refigure their macronutrients, because 95% of the women clients that are coming to me are severely under-eating on protein. So we're going to see...

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