What is a deload?

Are you Deloading? What even is a deload?


A DELOAD is where you reduce sets, reps, load, intensity for a week… In your program every 4-6 weeks. So if your training in progressive overload getting stronger and better at your lifts, you do need a break to prevent injury, to let your muscles, body, & cns repair. It is also a great transition into your new training block. 


I know You're are a little nervous, you have made progress, you don’t want to lose it. Studies have shown us that 1 week of even no exercise for someone that has been training will not result in muscle loss. Deloads are not quitting, you are still going to the gym and still moving your body but in a less intense way to help you actually make more progress in the future. 


Let's talk about what happens when we strength train

-we lift heavy in smart program like #bodystrong365

-we make tiny microtears in our muscle tissue

-when we rest the muscle tissues have time to repair grow and get stronger 

-this results in bigger stronger muscles DO NOT EVEN SAY I DON’T WANT TO BE BULKY CAUSE SIS YOU AIN’T GETTIN BULKY!


Deloads allow your Central Nervous system to recover from your workout which is huge for being fully recovered for your next training block. Because if you're not fully recovered then you could potentially run into CNS fatigue which will impair your ability to perform and grow muscle, remember we want to grow muscle that increases our BMR and helps us burn more calories at rest.


Another way to help with recovery is to eat enough food prioritizing protein for tissue repair and muscle growth and SLEEP 7HRS min sleep is literally beauty sleep our brain and tissues in our body need this time to recover and repair 


If you need a training program and you have no idea what to do in the gym when to rest or deload you can go here #bodystrong365 program where it is all done for you!


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