Science of Fat-loss

Science of Energy in vs energy out.

The energy in- is the calories you consume you know all the yummy food and drink!!

Energy out has 4 factors.

  • BMR- the amount of energy it takes for you to live at rest.
  • NEAT- non-exercise activity- fidgeting, using hands while talking, tapping toe, everyday walking not extra walking that’s cardio or EA.
  • EA- exercise activity.
  • TEF- thermic effect of Food calories burned while digesting foods.

To lose fat your energy out has to be ⬆️ than your Energy in.

If you're eating at maintenance Which means that your weight is steady not going up or down by large amounts 10+ lbs, not daily fluctuations that's normal.

Drop energy in ⬇️ =fat-loss occurs.

Or ⬆️ energy out =fat-loss occurs.

Most people tend to do both when trying to lose fat

This does not mean eat less than your ⌚️ says you burned your watch is not accurate to what your body is actually burning!!!! Like I said a lot goes into calories out re-read ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

So if energy in versus energy out is what matters why do macronutrients matter?

Having a high-protein high-fiber nutrition plan you will lose more fat at the same calories unless you have a high-protein diet already; this will not affect a higher loss in fat.

If you have a low protein diet and you increase your protein you will increase thermogenesis, the metabolism of proteins requires energy. Protein has about a 30% effect on TEF carbohydrates 6-8% fats 2 to 3% fiber 3%.

So as you can tell it takes more energy to burn protein. TEF goes up. You have to expend more calories to get calories out of the food you’re consuming. Calories can be affected by the macro setup and the food you choose. This does not mean protein calories are free if you eat excess you will gain weight.

I am eating in a deficit. Why am I not losing weight?

All the calculations in the world can tell you your predicted maintenance but you have to figure out what you’re actually eating caloric wise to be at an actual deficit. Those calculations don’t take into effect that you’re a busy mom that barely eats on the go already and your body has adapted to those low calories for its maintenance. This is called metabolic adaptation where your body adapts to what you are giving it. This is why I build a Prime your metabolism workshop coming soon!!

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