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Starting 2022 with Purpose

Ending your year with purpose is so important if you haven't read that blog do that here because that blog was an important read also. But starting the new year with purpose I feel is so important. 


First I CHALLENGE YOU, to go look in the mirror right now…

I’ll wait.. Are You there?

What do you see, be kind first off

What do you want to see?

Let’s get clinical - what you see now is a direct reflection of your choices, thoughts and habits in the past.

BUT Good thing is we can change it right now!

Do you believe that? Or do you believe you are just this way, you can’t change. 

Because what you believe is true...

Do you want to change, I mean you want the outcome of the change but do you want to put in the work to change? My coaching def helps make it easier to stick to but it’s still not easy and it takes you believing you can change.

Maybe you find yourself wanting to change but after a couple weeks you feel “this is too...

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Ending your year on purpose

New starts, new habits, new beginnings are great, don’t get me wrong they are actually great motivation to get something going.

But what if you end the year on purpose, what if you didn’t wait until Jan 1 to make choices to become your best self? It's funny because this post wasn't even planned, God showed me this ending the year on purpose through my bible plan this morning.

I can remember year after year I would start a new diet at the beginning of the year no more of this, no more of that… it would last a while then I would lose motivation and quit back to the old easy me making decisions that I didn't necessarily love about me.

It's crazy how your brain can do that you have one part that wants you to make better decisions and then a part that wants to keep you safe so it takes you down that old path that you always do. Good thing is, you can retrain the part that says this is your normal but how?

# 1 would be START TODAY not on monday not on Jan 1st but today....

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Holiday nutrition

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Fat loss secrets

fat loss toned weight loss Nov 04, 2021

We make it so hard right, looking for the next program, app, diet, what’s popular, what suzie down the street is doing…

When the same ole basics are the science behind fat loss and muscle gain. Its just not sexy to do the basics like hey Lindsay what did you do to lose 30 lbs “oh I walked, lifted, ate in a calorie deficit, slept, drank water…”

Instead you say I killed myself in OT and did keto… then months later you gained your weight back and trying some other sexy little diet again.

You lose weight because you ate less than before no matter what diet you do keto, loom, low carb, low fat, paleo… YOU LOSE WEIGHT BECAUSE YOU ARE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT those are the laws of thermodynamics [science] not because carbs are bad or fats are bad BECAUSE YOU ATE LESS. But you can’t sustain that sexy diet so you resort back to eating the old ways which was more food… IE you can weight back eating in a calorie surplus

The basics work-...

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Lifting Lingo

lifting strength training Oct 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the heck are all the words us Health Coaches use?

When I first started lifting I wish I had a definition list also because I had no idea.

So I wanted to do that for you! If this is helpful please share with a friend that likes to lift or wants to get into lifting also.


Don’t miss out on #Fallstrong30 30 day workout challenge to get you consistent, strong, and feel like a badass while having a fun community pushing you!

We start Nov 1st!! Check it out HERE #Fallstrong30 This is a great way to jump-start your fitness before the holidays!

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apple watch calories

calories macros workouts Oct 07, 2021

I love my apple watch and it offers so much great data, BUT some data can also be used in the wrong way.

I use my watch to track my period, to make sure I am getting the same amount of steps each week on average it's important for overall health and consistent energy output, to make sure my exercise consistency over the month is 80% or more because without consistency we aren’t going to see results, my heart rate averages over time and during exercise not to see how high I can get it but to be aware.

But things like calories burned can be used the wrong way. I have heard women, eating only the amount of calories they are burning on their apple watch! SIS NO! The calories burned information is not accurate, it doesn’t take into effect the thermic effect of food (calories burned in the digestion of your food), your body composition, what workouts you are actually doing. Calories burned on your apple watch just are not accurate enough for you to base your food intake off...

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Macros gone wrong

Macros gone wrong?

I did macros wrong I was a “macro dieter” instead of a “macro learner” a MD is someone who uses macros just to diet, doesn’t look at the clinical data and is emotional, someone who doesn’t learn from tracking An ML is someone who learns from their foods, understands how to fuel their body for their goals.

I tracked my macros, had no idea what I was doing I tried to DIY it, used some numbers from MFP which was brutal first of all like 1200 calories when I should have been eating like 2200 calories. I just fit in what I wanted, I never learned balanced meals, paying attention to energy throughout the day, getting my veggies in. I just played macro Tetris and that was overwhelming and to be quite honest I hated it. It seemed like such a chore. So I quit and gained my weight back because I never learned how to reverse out, build balanced plates, BBP’s what I call them “blessed body plates” I never learned from...

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Do You Believe you can change your healthy habits?


Get a pen and paper because we are about to do some Mindset homework! Take a moment write it down 1-10 1 Not so much 10 you for sure believe you can change!


You can change, it starts with your mindset around change!


Let's dive in


What are your GOALS be specific not just lose weight be healthy and what behaviors are you wanting to change -write this down


WHY do you want to reach these goals, what will it change or provide for you in your life, what would happen if you didn't reach these goals? -write it down


How can you make SMALL daily goals? (this will really help by making it easier to get small wins, therefore, keep you going) Instead of only eating clean foods, not sticking to that feeling like a failure, and saying I am not meant for this, why can’t I change. → I will eat 1 whole nutrient-dense meal a day. Small reachable wins!


Notice what actions you have been not doing. What are the TRIGGERS that get in the way? Notice your...

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MyfitnessPal Do's and Don'ts

2 things to stop doing when using MFP!

First off I love that you want to track your food so let me give you some tips to help your success!

#1 stop tracking your exercise in MFP this will add back in calories for you to eat from the calories it shows you have burned!

#2 shhhh keep it a secret that you want to “diet” from MFP the calories it will set you at ate wayyyy too low and will cause you to have to eat even less when you plateau. Plus your hormones, energy, and hunger will be out of wack and we don’t want that! We want to lose on the most amount of calories we can! What I suggest as you track your current calories right now see where you are! I also have a post on tracking macros to help you figure your own macros!

Just a little secret also—> my FREE 5 day Prime your metabolism workshop is starting Aug 23rd --> click here to learn more and sign up


Let me know if this was helpful and...

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Science of Fat-loss

Science of Energy in vs energy out.

The energy in- is the calories you consume you know all the yummy food and drink!!

Energy out has 4 factors.

  • BMR- the amount of energy it takes for you to live at rest.
  • NEAT- non-exercise activity- fidgeting, using hands while talking, tapping toe, everyday walking not extra walking that’s cardio or EA.
  • EA- exercise activity.
  • TEF- thermic effect of Food calories burned while digesting foods.

To lose fat your energy out has to be than your Energy in.

If you're eating at maintenance Which means that your weight is steady not going up or down by large amounts 10+ lbs, not daily fluctuations that's normal.

Drop energy in =fat-loss occurs.

Or energy out =fat-loss occurs.

Most people tend to do both when trying to lose fat

This does not mean eat less than your says you burned your watch is not accurate to what your body is actually burning!!!! Like I said a lot goes into calories out re-read

So if energy in versus energy out is what matters...

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