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How to become a confident momma

How are you so confident…….

The shorts over your bathing suit, the cover up you just won’t take off, the shirt with the sleeves because your arms, the pants because well the shorts, the one piece or tank because your belly…. Your kids ask why you never swim or take off your cover up.

I can go on and on WE have ALL been there and you may still be in that position where you don't have the confidence to wear what you want to wear, do things you want to do.

I remember when Cover ups, t shirts, and pants all saved me from the pain of the low confidence I had. I was so worried that everyone was looking at me, what they thought of me, like look at her stomach, arms, but, legs, how gross. I would always behind closed doors pick apart my body. For years I missed out on so many memories because of being insecure with my outward appearance. My cellulite (which I still have by the way! Ripples in my legs and but its ok). Now I am not saying I always 100% have full...

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How to be successful in the gym

gym mom success weights Jul 11, 2021

You want to lift weights in the weight section but you’re scared


Wasting time in the gym? Just doing cardio instead…


Girl me too! I literally had no idea what machines to do and lifting with the barbell Um no thank you!


I would get intimidated by the weights and just go do cardio and leave. 


Believe me, You are not the only one that is intimidated by the weight section!


I was for a long time, I slowly worked up the courage and started to use random machines still didn’t have a plan but just did legs one day, arms one day and well that’s it, and did it again. 


I really wanted to squat with the barbell but I had no idea about form or what workouts to do with other workouts. 


UNTIL - I had a PLAN, no more wasting time trying to figure out what to do, and how much to do! I also really wanted to get strong and it’s just so empowering to lift heavy and be a strong mom!


Here are some tips...

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Kids and beer

2 things you probably don't know about me…

I never wanted any kids and I love the taste of beer

Haha super random but I have 7 kids + a grandson and never wanted any! I had a son at 17. Then I met my current husband 4 years later. He had 5 kids and they truly needed a mom to give them stability and life they could never have had otherwise, I was that mom. Oh and he was that dad because my sperm donor skipped out. I knew God had a plan that def was not my plan. Then we decided we needed to have one together lol cause 6 wasn’t enough!

Being a stepmom is F’n hard you do all the things like literally I raised them ALL never missed a ball game, never missed a dance competition, filled out all their enrollment forms and if you're a mom you know that shit took forever for 7 kids, ps they all lived with us (they still do but 1) I took on the duties of the MOM from day 1, but somehow still felt like a stepmom, if you know, you know it's hard to explain the feeling of hurt...

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What is a deload?

Are you Deloading? What even is a deload?


A DELOAD is where you reduce sets, reps, load, intensity for a week… In your program every 4-6 weeks. So if your training in progressive overload getting stronger and better at your lifts, you do need a break to prevent injury, to let your muscles, body, & cns repair. It is also a great transition into your new training block. 


I know You're are a little nervous, you have made progress, you don’t want to lose it. Studies have shown us that 1 week of even no exercise for someone that has been training will not result in muscle loss. Deloads are not quitting, you are still going to the gym and still moving your body but in a less intense way to help you actually make more progress in the future. 


Let's talk about what happens when we strength train

-we lift heavy in smart program like #bodystrong365

-we make tiny microtears in our muscle tissue

-when we rest the muscle tissues have time to repair...

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Busy Mom Gas Station Food Guide


For the busy on the go momma whether it's running crazy, forgetting a meal, whatever your life throws at you, you can still put in messy action and meet your macro goals while having to stop at the gas station or even the ballpark concession stand!


I used to have such a fixed mindset that if I couldn't cook at home then I would just start over Monday, I literally had no idea what to get at the gas station if we had to stop there, so I would just say F it and get a bag of chips and a coke and those fixed thoughts led to my actions of doing nothing and giving up until Monday when everything was perfect at home with my meals. I was getting nowhere with that plan and when I shifted my mindset to this isn’t perfect but I still can make choices that serve me with thought and effort, then I started to think outside of the box and really change my body with a MINDSET shift WHAT!!!


I know I don’t want to eat gas station food, or fast food, or even...

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How to start tracking macros

Tracking Macros is a great tool to learn what foods are, become aware of how much you're actually eating, how to balance meals, reach weight loss goals, prime your metabolism.

It likely will be hard at 1st but with a growth mindset, you understand you can get better with knowledge and effort and this will help you reach goals you have never reached before and actually keep that weight off instead of losing and gaining that same 20lbs year after year.

I teach macro tracking to my clients. For everyone it may look different the most accurate you can be will yield the best results BUT you don't have to start there you can start slow learning and grow into tracking all 3 macros. Use my slides to guide you to success!


download MFP
just track your food your eating get comfy doing that
Assess where you are now
figure maintenance cals 10x BW x 1.2-1.6 activity factor
how far was your initial tracking from maintenance cals?
under go here → increase 50-100cals every 2-4 weeks

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Overcoming food guilt

[STORY TIME] Do you feel shame over your current food choices?


I used to, so bad I would eat something yummy and then go do cardio or burpees to try and work it off, or do double workouts the next day.


It was so horrible I would eat so “healthy” during the week and OMG Friday came and I couldn’t control eating everything and feeling guilty all over again so I would repeat the process over and over again.


What’s worse is I would resent my husband or kids for eating fun foods without any care, isn’t that crazy, I would literally be mad at them. WTF who did I really think I was! [lol]


What is most depressing about this story is my body NEVER changed but my relationship with food got worse and worse as I continued this cycle week after week, I found myself hiding to eat Oreos and M & M’s, like the whole entire bag.


So I got a coach that taught me macros I was able to enjoy the foods I loved and lose weight so I...

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Overcoming Mommy GUILT


As Moms we feel like as soon as we get the title MOM, we immediately feel like we have to come last, we have to stay up all night doing laundry, we never should have time alone...


Not sure why we feel like doing these things makes us a better mom because it doesn't at all!


Your kids could care less that you stayed up all night, or that you didn't eat because you fed everyone in your family first and were just to exhausted after you fed everyone else and cleaning up to feed yourself, they do not care that you have no alone time.


Being a Mom does not mean we stop taking care of ourselves. What it should mean is we take care of ourselves more because we have these littles looking at everything we do and we want to be able to grow old and play with them outside and see them grow. Ps that takes you feeling good and taking care of yourself mentally and physically NOW!


We have to Overcome mommy guilt.

  1. Identify where exactly...
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Blood sugar Regulation

Ever feel brain fog, frustration, exhaustion throughout the day?

Depending on the foods your eating and the timing of those meals could be impacting your blood sugar!

Let's get sciency for a min! When we eat food it digests at a rate of speed and the glucose from the food is available for energy, depending on what foods you eat will depend on how high your blood sugar levels spike along with your insulin. 


Why does this matter, well sis it matters because if we are constantly spiking blood sugar high causing insulin to come to the rescue and open the cell doors for that glucose to get in. We can eventually become insulin resistant- our body doesn't notice the insulin (key) trying to open the cell doors it just keeps pumping and the blood sugars stay high in the bloodstream, so we aren't utilizing the foods we eat optimally for fuel! This overtime can cause type 2 diabetes and obesity if it's not controlled. 


How do we know what foods are fast...

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5 ways to Eat More Food and have more energy

calories energy food macros Feb 18, 2021

5 Ways to Eat More Food


Get up earlier - by getting up earlier you can eat before the kids get up, you are not rushed and can actually tell if you’re hungry and what those hunger cues feel like. 


Move your body 1st thing in the morning- More movement, more energy output, will make you hungrier, hunger is like your gas light in your car when it comes on you need to refuel and same with hunger, you move more, you need more fuel just like your car!! So getting up earlier, going for a 20-40 min walk, eating breakfast, maybe even getting ready all before the kids wake up!!! 


Set an alarm at least every 4-5 hours - There are days where you may not feel hungry but you need to eat to fuel your body and mind. Setting an alarm will help with the “oh I forgot to eat” or “I haven’t been hungry all day” You may have been eating so little that your metabolism has down-regulated and you truly are not hungry this will help...

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